How do I withdraw clothes from a TEXI Dispenser Cabinet in case of a power outage?

The door to a TEXI Dispenser Cabinet is locked by an electromagnet. In case of a power outage the door will be unlocked. The user can withdraw the clothes they need, but the clothes will not be registered to the users account. When the power comes back an inventory will run automatically and the balances updated. Clothes that have been withdrawn will be marked as location unknown. When the withdrawn clothes are read by a TEXI Return Unit or at the laundry the products status and location will be corrected.

Can I get extra shelves in TEXI Dispenser Cabinet?

In standard configuration TEXI Dispenser Cabinets come with five shelves, which gives two small and four large compartments.

Extra shelves kan be bought as an optional accessory. The shelves are installed in the large compartment and divides it into two small compartments. Up to four extra shelves can be installed, which gives a total of ten small compartments.

Is UHF chips better than HF chips?

Both UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and HF (High Frequency) RFID chips has pros and cons. Which technology is best depends on your requirements and conditions.
Texi offers products for both UHF and HF chips. Contact us to learn more, or read in our blog on different types of RFID chips.

We need training, can Texi help?

We have several training packages depending on different roles and needs. In addition to training there are user manuals and guides available. When acquiring a new Texi solution both training and guides are included as a part of the commissioning.

What financing options can Texi offer?

In addition to a direct purchase, Texi can offer rental agreements with favorable conditions. Contact us and we can get you a rental quote.

We have specific requirements for fire-resistance, how does that apply to Texi products?

Texi has made several installations in facilities with special requirements for fire-resistance, e.g. in hallways also classified as escape routes.

We can offer solutions to achieve a certain fire-resistance classification. Contact us and we will help you set up a solution based on your requirements.

Can I see the inventory of a TEXI Dispenser Cabinet?

Every TEXI Dispenser Cabinet has a display that shows what products and the number of products that are placed on each shelf.

We have high hygiene standards, how hygienic is your solution?

Generally speaking the hygienic level is high, as the TEXI Dispenser Cabinets have a closed door and the inside is not exposed to dust and particles travelling in the air.

UVC fittings with anti bacterial light is available as an accessory for the TEXI Dispenser Cabinet, which gives a very high hygienic standard. For more info see product leaflet.

Can the TEXI Dispenser Station be wall-mounted?

The TEXI Dispenser Station is delivered with a console for mounting on a wall, but it can also be placed standing on a flat surface such as a table or a shelf.

How are clothes returned using a TEXI Dispenser Station?

The process for returning clothes is easy and intuitive:
1. The user activates the reader by pushing a button on the display
2. The items to be returned are placed on the reading surface. Up to five items can be read at the same time.
3. The display shows how many items that have been registered
4. The items are moved to the textile return bin

For an experienced user the return process is even quicker than for withdrawing clothes.

How are clothes withdrawn using a TEXI Dispenser Station?

Withdrawal of clothes are made in a simple process:
1. The user collects the items that is to be used during the day
2. The items are placed on the reading surface. Up to five items can be read at the same time.
3. The user registers using their access card and is informed if the read items are a valid withdrawal.
4. A valid withdrawal is registered to the users credit. Unvalid withdrawals (e.g. in case of reached credit limit) are not allowed.

For an experienced user the whole process only takes a few seconds.

To which countries can Texi supply its products and services?

Texi is focusing on the Scandinavian market, where we can supply our full range of products and services, and our own technicans will handle installation, service and support.
Outside of Scandinavia Texi is working with a number of local distributors. Fill out the Contact form and we can give you all information relevant for your region.

We would like to try the Texi Logistics Solution. Is that possible and how do we do?

We can offer a pilot solution installed in your facilities. Fill out the Contact form and let us know you want to try our solution.

How do we know how many TEXI Dispenser Cabinets that are needed?

There is not one simple answer to how many TEXI Dispenser Cabinets that are needed, as this depends on factors such as number of users, type of products, number of sizes, and where the TEXI Dispenser Cabinets and TEXI Return Units are to be placed. Contact us and we can discuss a solution for your needs.

How quick is the inventory of a TEXI Dispenser Cabinet?

After the TEXI Dispenser Cabinet door is closed it will take approximately five to seven seconds before the inventory has been updated and credits registered to a users account.

How can users see their account balance?

Every time a user opens the door to the TEXI Dispenser Cabinet their account balance is shown on the display in the door.

What happens if a user reach their credit limit?

If a user does not return their working clothes and reach their credit limit the account will be locked and the user can’t withdraw any more clothes. The account will automatically be unlocked as soon as the user return the previously withdrawn clothes.

Where do I turn for technical support?

Contact the Texi Service Desk. The best way is to send an email, but for urgent matters call our service line.

Email: support@texisys.com
Phone Sweden: +46 8 410 914 41
Phone Norway: +47 72 90 93 20

Texi Service Desk is open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 6 PM.

How is my personal data handled?

We at Texi are keen on transparency, both in how we work and how we handle the data we collect about our visitors. Therefore, we want to tell you about how we handle your personal data and why, about cookies on our site, as well as your rights and obligations as a visitor in our Privacy Policy.

I want more information about your products and services

If you want to be contacted by someone from our sales team, get a quotation or just talk to us about what possibilities and solutions would be suitable for your organization, fill out the Contact form and we will be in touch shortly.