TEXI Information Display

To easily confirm deliveries and manage inventories

With the Texi Information Display, it’s easy to manage incoming textile deliveries for orders created in the Texi Management System. If High Frequency (HF) RFID tags are used, the Texi information Display can also be used to perform inventories with the help of a handheld scanner.

Always in control

In a room-based solution where garments are stored on shelves or in textile trolleys, no automatic inventory of the room’s contents can be carried out. Therefore, the Texi Management System cannot know when new garments are brought into the room. The Texi Information Display is a wall-mounted unit, and the built-in screen shows the orders that have been sent from the laundry. By selecting and confirming a delivered order, the garments associated with the order are moved to the room so that the inventory is correct.

The challenge with solutions where garments are stored openly accessible in a room, is that after a while, differences will arise between what the Texi Management System thinks is in the room and what is actually there. The solution is to perform a manual inventory of the room. If RFID tags of HF technology are used, a Texi Information Display is required as an intermediary to handle communication between the Texi Management System and the hand-held scanner. On the device’s display, inventory can be started and confirmed, in addition to information being continuously displayed while the garments are being scanned.


  • Simple and fast delivery confirmation for incoming deliveries
  • Smooth handling of inventories for counting of stock


Use Texi Information Display in combination with:

  • Texi Mobile Reader

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Texi Information Display

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