Guidance for work clothes logistics

We help you find the best logistics solution for your work clothes

At Texi we always strive to find new solutions in order to streamline and simplify the logistics around work clothes. However, we know it can be challenging to achieve efficient, user friendly and profitable textile logistics, as there are many parameters to take into consideration.

These challenges could be:

  • Reaching an effective flow of textiles and staff at the premises
  • Establishing internal processes for administration and textile handling
  • Creating a solution that provides satisfied employees

In addition, the logistics solution should bring financial savings by reducing wastage and storage costs. At the same time, it’s important to ensure that hygiene requirements are met.

Working close to find the right solution

We assist you in everything from general discussions to detailed planning. We are often involved at an early stage in the process, for instance in the planning of new properties or reconstructing existing ones. When introducing a new textile solution, we are with you all the way and throughout its lifetime – with hands-on support and suggestions for improvements.

Common questions around work clothes logistics

  • How should we plan in order to achieve the best flow of staff in our facilities and avoid queues?
  • What quantity of each textile item do we need to have in stock?
  • What technology is right for us?
  • How should we work in-house with processes and staff in order to achieve the best supply chain?
  • We have high standards of hygiene – how do we ensure that these standards are being met?
  • We have a policy of minimising the costs of textile management – how can we achieve this?
  • Can you help us demonstrate the value of a textile logistics system?

Texi has worked with these matters since the mid-90’s and we have the knowledge and experience to help you face any challenges within textile logistics.

Visualize your work clothes logistic solution in 3D

An important component of textile logistics is the planning and optimization of the work premises. That’s why we can design a 3D model that visualizes the logistics solution in the specified space with the right equipment, signs, decorations and staff using the system.

With the help of Texi 3D visualization we can optimize your available space and give you an overview of the final results. This makes it easy to understand how your facilities best can be utilized.

We can also create an animated tour of your premises with the new textile logistic solution in place. This is an excellent visual guide to present to internal stakeholders.

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