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We will guide you to the best logistics solution for your business

Achieving efficient, user-friendly and profitable textile logistics can prove challenging as there are many factors to take into consideration, such as:

  • achieving an efficient flow of textiles and personnel at the facilities
  • establishing internal processes for administration and textile handling
  • creating a solution that provides satisfied staff.

Plus, increased need for financial savings by reducing wastage and storage costs. At the same time, it’s important to ensure that hygiene requirements are met.

TEXI are experts in the field of textile logistics and we are happy to share our expertise

We help our customers with everything from general discussions to detailed planning.

We are often involved at an early stage, for instance when planning new properties or reconstruction of existing ones. We continue to assist the customer throughout the entire initial phase, and throughout the lifetime of the solution, providing hands-on support and proposals for improvements.

Common questions

  • How should we plan in order to achieve the best flow of personnel at our premises and avoid queues?
  • What quantity of each textile article do we need to have in stock?
  • What technology is right for us?
  • How should we go about working in-house with processes and personnel in order to achieve the best supply chain?
  • We have high standards of hygiene. How do we go about ensuring that we keep to these standards?
  • We have a policy of minimising the costs of textile management. How do we go about achieving this?
  • Can you help us demonstrate the value of a textile logistics system?

TEXI has worked with these matters since the mid-90’s and we have the knowledge and experience to also help you face your challenges within textile logistics.

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