TEXI Return Units

Quick and easy return of dirty garments

The TEXI Return Unit is used for quick and easy return of soiled work clothes. When the user places the garment in the return unit, the user’s account is automatically credited.

Return Unit - Automatic

Fully-automated unit for the return of soiled textiles. Equipped with a fan which transports the textiles to one or more trolleys. Supplied as a standard model with support for 1 trolley and wall attachment. Wall mounts are available to suit various thicknesses of wall.

TEXI can also supply a cabinet with custom dimensions which allows for a free-standing installation which does not requiring drilling into walls.

Support HF and UHF 

The Texi Return Unit – Automatic and Manual are available in different models: one model that supports HF chip, and another that supports UHF chip.

Return Unit - Manual

Users place their soiled textiles into the slot. The textiles then drop into the container. The built-in antenna reads the RFID chip and registers returns in real-time.

Texi Return Unit – Manual is available in various models and sizes and supports laundry bags and laundry trolleys of various sizes.

Return Units - download product sheet

Automatic return of work clothes UF-chip and UHF-chip

Return Unit Automatic HF/UHF-model

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Returenhet med inbyggd förvaring av textilbur för enkel återlämning av arbetskläder

Return Unit Cabinet Automatic HF/UHF-model

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Manuel returenhet för smidig återlämning av arbetskläder

Return Unit Cabinet Manual HF-model

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Texi return unit manual UHF model

Return Unit Manual UHF-model

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