TEXI Management System

The heart and brain of your logistics solution

TEXI Management System (TMS) is the collective term for the database and administration tool which forms both the heart and brain of the logistics solution.

With TEXI Management System (TMS), administrators are given a comprehensive overview of garment management and can follow the garment’s life-cycle and easily manage administration of the entire system. The software application is linked to your laundry service partner, which enables communication in real-time and regular updates on orders and stock management.

This allows you to be one step ahead and ensure that the right quantity of items is in stock at all times. The software application also provides you with detailed statistics concerning of every single item so you can optimise your textile stock in the best possible way.

Flexible user management

Each user is provided with a textile profile and a textile account. The profile indicates what type and size of garment the user is given access to. The account indicates how many garments the user can use at any given time. If the quantity of garments exceeds the threshold specified in the account, the user will be denied permission to extract further garments until he or she has returned garments to a return unit. This prevents the user from hoarding garments and encourages the user to return garments promptly after use.

All transactions (refill, extraction, return etc.) are transmitted to TMS in real-time. All administration, order- and stock management is carried out via TMS.

Reports and statistics

TEXI Management System features an advanced report module which provides comprehensive monitoring and an overview of the entire textile operation and all transactions. The report module includes a tool to optimise textile stock and provides an excellent basis for improving the supply chain. Data is presented in the form of easy-to-understand graphs, but there is also the option of exporting selected data to Microsoft Excel for further processing, all with a simple click.

No installation required

TMS is a cloud-based software application which allows you to access the system via an ordinary computer with an internet connection. It is not necessary to install a software application on your device.

Constant development

TMS has been developed in close collaboration with customers and laundries in Scandinavia. TMS is a standard system and as such is developed in line with customers’ requirements and wishes, meaning all customers can benefit from the improved functionality which is constantly factored into the standard product.

Multiple language options

TMS is available in several languages:


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