TEXI Dispenser Station

Smooth scanner for extracting clean work clothes

Register withdrawals manually

TEXI Dispenser Station is a scanner where the staff themselves register withdrawal of work clothes. The scanner is small and can be placed basically anywhere to fit into the normal movement patterns of the staff. The user identifies himself through his entry card and then puts the clean garments on the scanner.

The card reader is compatible with the most common contactless card types. Usually, existing personnel or access cards can be used for the Texi Dispenser Station. Via the management tool TMS, profiles can be created so that access to a TDS can be restricted per department or type of role. The garments are registered in the user’s account as a withdrawal.

Support for HF

TEXI Dispenser Station is available with support for HF chip.

Dispenser Station - download product sheet

Texi dispenser station makes it quick and easy to retrieve or return work clothes with UF chip RFID

Dispenser Station

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Frequently asked questions about this product

How are clothes withdrawn using a TEXI Dispenser Station?

Withdrawal of clothes are made in a simple process:
1. The user collects the items that is to be used during the day
2. The items are placed on the reading surface. Up to five items can be read at the same time.
3. The user registers using their access card and is informed if the read items are a valid withdrawal.
4. A valid withdrawal is registered to the users credit. Unvalid withdrawals (e.g. in case of reached credit limit) are not allowed.

For an experienced user the whole process only takes a few seconds.

How are clothes returned using a TEXI Dispenser Station?

The process for returning clothes is easy and intuitive:
1. The user activates the reader by pushing a button on the display
2. The items to be returned are placed on the reading surface. Up to five items can be read at the same time.
3. The display shows how many items that have been registered
4. The items are moved to the textile return bin

For an experienced user the return process is even quicker than for withdrawing clothes.

Can the TEXI Dispenser Station be wall-mounted?

The TEXI Dispenser Station is delivered with a console for mounting on a wall, but it can also be placed standing on a flat surface such as a table or a shelf.

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