Minimise garment storage

We help you to increase the garment turnover so that you can keep the inventory to a minimum, saving both money and storage space.

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Full traceability throughout the entire supply chain

With the help of TEXI Logistic Solution it’s a straightforward matter to track an article through the entire process from the laundry to delivery, via the users and back to the laundry. In this way you always know whether an article is soiled, being cleaned, transported, or is currently in use and by whom. The TEXI Management System is the heart and brain of the logistics solution and gives you information and statistics in real-time. 

Step by step

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Step 1

The work clothes are being washed and handled by your laundry service partner.

Step 2

Clean work clothes are being transported to you from the laundry.

Step 3

The work clothes gets distributed to one of our products for extraction: Dispenser Cabinets or Dispenser Station.

Step 4

Your staff extracts their clean work clothes for the day, quickly and easily.

Step 5

When the day is over the staff returns their clothes via any of our products for return of soiled garments: Return Unit or Return Station.

Step 6

The soiled garments gets transported back to the laundry facility to be washed.

Multiple components create a complete textile logistic solution

Consultancy & Advice

TEXI are experts in the field of textile logistics and we are happy to share our expertise. We help our customers with everything from general discussions to detailed planning. We are often involved at an early stage, for instance when planning new properties or reconstruction of existing ones. We continue to assist the customer throughout the entire initial phase, providing hands-on support and proposals for improvements.

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Project management & Installation

We project-manage the installation of your new logistics solution from start to finish. We supply and install all of the hardware and software, including our patented cabinets, return units and network components.

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Our employees carry our values

At TEXI, all employees work on the basis of our common values. Commitment, Credibility and Together permeate our daily work and set the rules for how we are towards each other and our customers. It is through our culture and our values ​​that we distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

Commitment – We are always happy to do that little extra.
We perform our work with pride. We take responsibility and show each other appreciation. We are always available to our customers and treat them in a professional manner.

Credible – We always show respect and humility.
We have in-depth knowledge and we are happy to share it. We keep our promises.

Together – We care about each other and together we get results.
We work together and help each other. We evolve together with our customers and work together to meet their needs.

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