Textile logistics made easy

Full traceability throughout the entire supply chain

At TEXI we make your textile logistics easier, so that you can focus on your core business.

Track your garments through the entire process

With the help of TEXI Logistic Solution it’s a straightforward matter to track an article through the entire process from the laundry, to delivery of clean textiles, via the users and back to the laundry. In this way you always know whether an article is soiled, being cleaned, transported, or is currently in use and by whom.

The status of the item is updated in real-time via three main components: TEXI Dispensers, TEXI Return Units and TEXI Management System. This is made possible by means of the RFID chip sewn into the items, which communicates with the TEXI Management System. Simultaneously, this solution also ensures that the correct quantity of items is in stock when you need them.

The benefits

  • High item turnover minimises stock requirements.
  • The RFID chip minimises loss of items.
  • Less time waste for your personnel.
  • Cost-effective management.
  • Saves storage space.
  • Closed cabinets ensure optimal hygiene.

RFID technology makes it possible

The logistics solution utilises RFID technology for identifying and tracking garments. Each garment is equipped with an RFID tag with a unique identity. All of our products are equipped with RF readers. This makes it possible to track the garment through the entire process.

TEXI supports RFID solutions with both HF and UHF.

Multiple components create a complete textile logistic solution

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