This is TEXI

We are strong in Scandinavia, and a challenger all over Europe!

TEXI is a Scandinavian innovation and is a professional solution for handling work clothes. It’s used by businesses and organisations with high hygiene requirements that handle large volumes of work clothes. Our services are aimed at enterprises, large and small, which use work clothes.

We simplify handling of work clothes at all levels

TEXI is a comprehensive solution which is independent of suppliers and makes handling work clothes simpler at all levels. Our logistics solutions are module-based and can easily be adapted and scaled to suit the customer’s specific requirements.


  • Complete control of all work clothes.
  • The right work clothes in the right place at the right time.
  • Automated ordering process.
  • Reduced wastage.
  • Space-saving.

TEXI simplifies your day-to-day life and allows you to focus on your core business.

TEXI’s customers have high standards of hygiene

The TEXI Logistic Solution is currently installed in a number of Scandinavian hospitals. Additionally, we have customers within the pharmaceutical and food industry sectors. Common to these enterprises is a high standard of hygiene and the value of having a constant and reliable supply of work clothes for their staff.

We’re already strong in Scandinavia and are challenging across all of Europe!


TEXI is part of the DFD Group – one of Scandinavia’s largest textile service providers.

Our values

Everyone who works at TEXI shares our common values. These values shape every aspect of our day-to-day work.

COMMITMENT – We always go the extra mile and put our heart and soul into our work. We carry out our work with a sense of pride. We take responsibility for our work and value our colleagues’ efforts. We are always available when our customers need us, and we treat them professionally.

TRUSTWORTHY – We are respectful and humble at all times. We have extensive expertise and are eager to share our know-how. We keep our promises.

TOGETHER – We care about one another, and together we get results. We work together and lend a helping hand. We develop and grow together with our customers, and work as a team to meet their needs.

Highest creditworthiness

UC GOLD accreditation testifies that TEXI AB is a stable, reliable partner with which to do business. This credit rating is based on UC Risk Corporate, the market’s most reliable model for credit assessment. Updated on a daily basis, UC Risk indicates the likelihood of a company becoming insolvent within one year.


TEXI was founded by the owner of one of Norway’s largest laundries, who found that textiles sent out to customers were not returned in a timely manner. This resulted in, among other things, shortages of textiles, which in turn negatively impacted supply capacity. Bottlenecks arose in production and storage costs went through the roof. It became increasingly apparent that there was a need for a simple and flexible logistics solution for work clothes. The upshot was TEXI Logistic Solution – a flexible, stable and profitable logistics solution specifically for work clothes, developed in Norway.

Significant dates in our history:

  • 1994 Kvalheim Vaskeri AS’ development of TEXI Logistic Solution begins
  • 1996 The first prototype of the TEXI Dispenser Cabinet is unveiled
  • 2000 A cooperation agreement is established with St. Olav’s University Hospital, and the Norwegian development fund for the purpose of jointly developing a system for textile logistics
  • 2001 TEXI AS is founded as an independent limited company with its headquarters in Trondheim
  • 2003 A pilot installation is implemented at St. Olav’s University Hospital
  • 2005 TEXI is awarded a European patent for a cabinet-based solution for dispensing textiles
  • 2005 TEXI enters into a commercial agreement with Helsebygg for the supply of TEXI Logistic Solution for phase one of a new construction project at St. Olav’s University Hospital.
  • 2011 TEXI expanded when its subsidiary TEXI AB was established with its headquarters in Eskilstuna
  • 2014 TEXI relocates its Swedish operations to Stockholm